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2014 Athena Seniors

Congratulations to our senior class of 2014!  Good luck in your future volleyball careers.  (Click for the picture)  

CAR WASH-16 Gold AAU Fundraiser this Sunday!

Athena 16-Gold to host a Car Wash on Sunday, May 18, 2014, to raise funds for AAU Nationals!  Please come by the Lake Grove Chevron between 11:00 ...

College Recruiting Seminar For All Ages

  I want to invite all of you to the Volleyball College Recruiting Seminar that the 14 Alpha Gold is sponsoring next Saturday May 3rd at Valley Catholic from 10am-1pm.  I ...

Wendy’s Jewelry Show Today-14 Gold Fundraiser

The Mitchell family is hosting a Jewelry Show for Wendy Stammer today from 1-4pm at their home.  Profits will go towards 14 Gold’s travel expenses ...

College Sport Recruiting Seminar-May 3rd

Please click here for information on our College Sport Recruiting Seminar that we will be hosting on May 3rd.

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