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Our Coaches.

Our Athena coaches have an extensive coaching background.  While many of our coaches competed at the collegiate/professional level themselves, there are many important factors that contribute to a great coach.  Our coaches love the game of volleyball and continually study the art and science of technique and coaching.  They are quality people that set good examples for the players in our club by balancing family, work, and sports.  Most importantly. . .while all are competitive individuals, they also realize that the desire to TEACH outweighs the need to WIN.  Our coaches enjoy volleyball, long for competition, and genuinely love our players.



Ben Stern

18 Gold Head Coach

Kenny Hise.jpg

Kenny Hise

18 Gold Assistant

13 Gold - Mugshots (12).jpg

Julie Jurinek

16 Gold Head Coach

Coming Soon Square.png

Rachelle McCloud

16 Gold Assistant

Ajax 16 - Erik Anderson (13).jpg

Jay Kudlicka

16 Black Head Coach

Ajax 16 - Erik Anderson (14).jpg

Erik Anderson

16 Black Assistant

Coming Soon Square.png

Alex Chan

14 Gold Head Coach

Coming Soon Square.png

Carter O'Sullivan

14 Gold Assistant

Coming Soon Square.png

Geoff Colton

12 Gold Head Coach

Coming Soon Square.png

Eric Huntsman

12 Gold Assistant

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