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Chris Osborn

Chris Osborn.jpg

Grew up in Scottsdale Arizona

  • Played Volleyball at UC Irvine

    • 2007 Division One National Champion

  • Played Internationally in South Korea

    • 2010 SKK and Samsung Bluefangs

  • Played in the CIS and CCAA in Canada

    • 2013 CCAA National Runner-up

      • 2013 CCAA 2nd Team

    • 2014 CCAA National Champion

      • 2014 CCAA 1st Team

  • Coaching Philosophies includes what he calls the “Always” philosophy.

    • Always bring your best, always move forward, always take responsibility for your role, always choose to have the right attitude, and always be the best teammate to others; because no matter what role you have in life people always want great teammates.

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