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Colton Wright

Coach Colton grew up in California where he was exposed to a love for volleyball at an early age, playing with the middle school girls and high school boys teams briefly before focusing on distance running, parkour/free running, and ultimate. Upon graduating from Linfield College, he deep dived back into the volleyball world, working his way into the competitive adult scene. He has competed up to the AA levels in indoors, A levels in grass, and BB levels in sand and continues to compete to this day as well as host open gyms, leagues, and tournaments. To further share his love for the sport, he shifted to coaching in the crazy Covid year, starting with the Freshman team at Franklin High school. He went on to coach at Washougal high school and OJVA the following year. He now coaches for Lakeridge high school, AJAXVB, and ATHENAVB where he is beyond excited and happy to see so many incredible athletes develop. He is ever grateful for the connections he has made in the volleyball community and always looks forward to the next growth opportunity.

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