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Dustin Sherby

I entered the volleyball world in 2015 when my oldest daughter began playing in 3rd grade and needed a coach. I'll always take any chance I can to spend time with my daughters and have always had a passion for competitive sports. In my high school days I ran track, played football and basketball; and golfed for leisure. Now that I have four daughters, three in which are registered with Athena and a 5 year old eagerly waiting her turn, I have grown a love for this sport. I now find myself participating in beach tournaments with my wife and daughters in the summer; and attending open gyms or leagues whenever I can fit them in. I believe volleyball is the greatest sport for building confidence, character, team work, technical skill, and unity. What other sport does a team come together for support and encouragement between every singe point, win or loss? Now in my 8th year of coaching, 6th at club level, I can't imagine not having this healthy, fun, enriching part of our lives that helps keep our family so connected.

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