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Luke Fazio

Ajax 16 Black


As all of the Ajax coaches will agree, we could easily find many warrior qualities in each one of the players on our teams. So it is not easy to pick one from many deserving young men on Ajax16 Black.


Coach Brian and I decided to pick this person as he has become an athlete who is very consistent in playing during practices and in matches. He works hard to learn from all the Ajax coaches and absorbs what he learns on a daily basis. He is very supportive of his teammates on and off the court. He looks to uplift the others around him if they might be having a tough day. As a coach, I know I can I ask this player to step in when needed, and he will rise to the occasion.


Congratulations to Ajax 16 Black Warrior award winner Luke Fazio.


Oliver Bohls

Ajax 16 Gold


One of the best parts of working with Ajax is knowing that the culture of respect for team and self is something that grows from within our players and it perpetuates because they hold each other to that expectation. I could easily find many warrior qualities in each one of these 16 Gold young men so picking a warrior from a team of warriors is not an easy task. This young man is a player who I will say embodies the spirit of Parakaleo and Koinonia. Coming into this year, he had a spot on the team, but not a known position having been a setter previously, and for some that may have been an obstacle that prevented his true colors to shine. Instead – this player works hard at any position, listened with intention to instruction surrounding skills that would impact his game no matter where he was placed on the court and did so with excitement that lit a fire on our team. This player is supremely supportive of his teammates and rallies their success right alongside his own. He has challenged teammates when they engage in negative self-talk, always quick to offer a positive comment of support. He has helped our team develop our potential from every position on the court defensively, often times getting thrown into a match in a new DS spot on the fly and coming up huge. Oliver Bhols – 16 Gold 2023 Warrior.

Linnea Vargason.png

Linnea Vargason

Athena 15 Onyx


Linnea is an extremely special player. It is so common that a player encompasses 1 or maybe even 2 of our pillars, which is amazing. But Linnea truly encompasses all of our pillars. She brings her team together and is willing to do anything for the betterment of her team. She continually asks questions and pursues the "fail forward" mentality and always is ready for extra reps. She has become a solid backbone and person of strength for this team and is always pushing for betterment and growth for herself and others. She brings a consistent level of energy and dedication to every practice and is always uplifting those around her.

Amanda Cox.png

Amanda shows up to every practice with positive energy. A big smile. And gives 100% from the first second of practice till the last. She is always ready to be anyones warmup partner. And she constantly is cheering on her team mates.

Amanda Cox

Athena 14 White



Our Warrior is our Libero, Sean Lee. Sean is the definition of a kid who works hard and has those efforts put off. You can give him a correction, or something new to try and he will apply it the very next play. Sean has taken on the defensive leadership role, and his teammates trust him implicitly. It’s been very fun to watch him take on this new role and make it his own, while still being extremely team oriented. Sean is a joy to watch play and a great person to work with. We are so excited to see where his volleyball journey will take him!

Sean Lee

Ajax 14 Gold



Chess Meacham-Spens

Ajax 14 Black


The warrior for 14 Black has been a consistent player all year. His energy is ever present, and is a supportive and considerate teammate. During practices and tournaments, he's asking questions to deepen his volleyball knowledge, is always open to feedback, and is willing to do and play whatever position is needed for the team. He comes to practice ready to work! He comes to games focused, and ready to hit the court. He's been a consistent presence at the service line, defense, and in the front row. He's become a leader as the year has progressed. Please join us in congratulating Chess as the Warrior for 14 Black.

Stella Achhammer.PNG

Stella Achhammer

Athena 12 Black