Athena 15 Black.JPG

Rowan Daugherty

Athena 15 Black


When we think about selecting a goddess, we look for a player that stands out in a way that models one of our Athena pillars. Rowan models all 3 pillars. She is an incredible teammate – kind, caring, genuine and always uplifting her teammates. She gives full effort and energy every time she steps on the court. She actively engages in her journey, always asking questions and seeking ways to get better. She also has embraced her role with confidence. Due to a shortage of players, we asked her to step in and set a 5-1 in Reno – she played every point of very match with 100% effort. Even got a few monster blocks. She is a kid that makes everyone around her better including her coaches.

Athena 16 Black.JPG

Hannah Wilborn

Athena 16 Black


Hannah had a stellar tournament in reno (everyone did) but she’s always talking on the court, talking to her teammates, cheering loud, upbeat. From coaching her at 13s to now 16s her serving and back court defense has come so far as she racked up a lot of aces over the tournament weekend.

Athena 13 Silver.JPG

Abby Urbanski

Athena 13 Silver


Abby Urbanski is an Authentic, Teamspirited, Happy, Encouraging and a New player to Athena with a great Attitude. This weekend it only proved what I thought Abby was and could be to our team. She is so Gracious to her teammates. Abby is always Open to changes. Dedicated and Determined since day one. She is so Enthusiastic during play and even more so on the sideline. Abby is a Selfless and Supportive team player. Leads by example!!!

Athena 14 White.JPG

Siobhan Quinn

Athena 14 White


Siobhan has really stepped into the leadership role and has made a huge impact on the court in the times that we have needed it the most! The team can always count on her to come ready to play and give it her all. She also rocked it with her serves in PLQ, serving a total of almost 15 points in one match. Way to go, Siobhan!!

Ajax 16.JPG

Daylen Onishenko

Ajax 16U


Daylen's been working hard and it paid off on Saturday. He had it all going on - Serving BB’s, Passing Nails, Back Up Setting, and Hitting for lots of points. Overall a great performance!

Athena 12 White.JPG

Liv Clement

Athena 12 White


Liv leads by example. She shows up to every practice ready to learn and try new things and stretch herself. She works hard and always has a positive attitude. Her work ethic in practice has lead to outstanding performances in the tournaments. This weekend Liv had her first kill at the net, first serve over the net, and lead our team in serve receive. Her coaches are so proud of her effort, grit, and growth. The future is bright for this Goddess.

Athena 15 White.JPG

Jessica Ma

Athena 15 White


She was a true leader throughout our first competition, consistent with her effort and execution throughout the day, positive and uplifting to ALL of her teammates, and exemplified what Athena stands for!

Athena 13 Black.JPG

Madeline "Macy" Morse

Athena 13 Black


Macy is an exceptional teammate, regardless of where she is; in practice, on the court in a match, on the bench or part of the work team- She is always working hard and cheering on her team. She has been very responsible and has earned the role of Captain because of her leadership skills and dedication to the team. Macy is a true competitor, even if its just the coin flip, she never wants to let her teammates down and she shows this on the court with her hustle and never quit attitude! Our favorite thing about Macy is that we can count on her to lead the team with full effort and energy at all times, she not only sets the standard for our team but other teams in the gym as well! She has been very coachable, listens to feedback and makes adjustments when needed and she always knows how to have fun!

Ajax 18.JPG

Will Osborn

Ajax 18


Will Osborn was chosen for Warrior because of his continued leadership, which truly excelled throughout our recent Redmond tournament.

Athena 18 Gold.JPG

Sabah Mohammady

Athena 18 Gold


Sabah has continually been tested over and over again in volleyball and just as frequently steps up to the plate. She gives her all in every practice, makes sure everybody feels like they are valued, and accepted her role on 18g with tears of joy in her eyes.

Athena 18 Black.JPG

Lily Sawyer

Athena 18 Black


Lily continually manifests each of Athena's character the point of getting in a car accident (don't worry she's ok) and worries about letting her teammates down because she can't go all out in practice; but she is STILL coming even just to watch. In a time where I constantly hear "I'm too tired." It is a great relief knowing there are some really committed players in this program.

Ajax 14.JPG

Coen Straub

Ajax 14U


This is Coen's first year plaing volleyball and he comes to all practices wanting to learn more and asking questions. He interacts well with teammates and gives a lot of energy both on and off the court.

Athena 14 Black.JPG

Holly Tinker

Athena 14 Black


Holly is a silent ninja! She was our best server of the day and stepped into the left back DS role wonderfully. She embodied full energy, full effort and was a consistent serve receive passer and defender. Even scored us a few backrow attack points!

Athena 13 White.JPG

Hailey Gustafson

Athena 13 White


Hailey had an incredible first tournament. She embodies what a true teammate is. She hustles without being asked. She cheers and celebrates with her teammates. In just one tournament she showed that she’s a leader. Her great serves, all out defense, and aggressive front row play helped her team win their 3 set thriller last match of the day.

Athena 16 Silver.JPG

Kate Cooper

Athena 16 Silver


Kate has a passion for volleyball that shows on and off the court. She's a talented player and keeps her spirits high and her head in the game, even in tough matches. Her drive and encouragement helped lead the team to a 3-0 Power League! She's always one of the first to volunteer to help out the coaches, and motivates the team to work hard. We're lucky to have Kate on the team!

Athena 16 Gold.JPG

Lauren Patterson

Athena 16 Gold


Lauren really is a game changer for our team with her ball control and energy. She’s always working hard and is very supportive of her teammates!. She is also playing softball right now so she’s doing double duty and hasn’t missed a single one of our practices!