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Julie Jurinek

Julie’s love of volleyball started in 5th grade. Growing up in California, she played both soccer and softball at very high competition levels.  When she was introduced to volleyball in junior high, she embraced the new sport with equal passion. She played club and school ball from that moment on. After graduating high school, her coached asked her to “stick around” to be the JV coach and so her passion took a on a deeper meaning. Julie has always wanted a career in teaching and at 18, she realized coaching was the perfect combination of her love of sports and her ability to grow and nurture people. Julie experienced great success at Foothill High in the 9 years she coached there. She assisted varsity, lead the JV program as well as took on the task of adding a freshman team. She coached both the JV and Frosh team for 3 years, loving the opportunity to develop players and ‘ready’ them for varsity.

After moving to Oregon in 2010, Julie started coaching at Athena in 2012/13 season and is so happy to call Athena home. On her days off she can be found riding around on her Harley enjoying a good cup of coffee and a Netflix marathon.

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