I started playing volleyball in a church league when I was in Junior High school in Arkansas. We really didn’t play positions and not many people really knew the rules. My team even discouraged forearm passing because it was "just too hard". I knew I loved the game so I would have to figure it out on my own. I figured out how to hit on my own so I got pretty good at that. There wasn’t anywhere for guys to play where I am from in small town Arkansas. Everything I know about the game I learned when I moved to Oregon 4 years ago and then started teaching at THPRD. I have taught there for 3 years at all different age groups. I have taught people from 6 years old to 72 years old. My first real coaching job was with Athena in the 2015 season where I learned even more. Now I have my own JV2 team at Southridge High School. I love learning

more and more about the game whenever I can.

Being a “green” coach I am still learning my philosophy as I go. I do believe in pushing my players and challenging them so they get better. I expect every member to function as a team and to encourage each other at all times. Not only do I believe in being the coach that pushes his players, I also believe in showing them that I do care about themas a person.

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