Sean Daugherty

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My love for volleyball started when my daughter began playing in 2013.  At that time, I had been coaching soccer for several seasons.  Halfway through her first CYO volleyball season, I was asked to act as the assistant coach.  Little did I know, I would fall in love with every aspect of this great sport.  For the past three years, I have acted as head coach for the St Cecilia CYO girls’ volleyball team and I enjoy watching my athletes thrive, both on and off the court.   I also have continued coaching soccer (both fall and spring seasons) as a co-coach.  Our goal has been to prepare our athletes for high school soccer as they become freshman next year, and it is exciting to see them this close!  In the meantime, my daughter and I continue to love playing, watching, and talking about volleyball.   


My coaching philosophy centers around respect, positivity, and passion for everything we do.  Coaching is about helping others.  It is my job to help athletes grow, develop, and succeed both on the court and off.  I do this by respecting each player equally and creating an environment that allows them to take risks, fail, and recover stronger, while offering them positive feedback and opportunities to elevate their game.  I look forward to passing on my love and passion for this game, while teaching sound fundamentals and team spirit.


In my free time I love spending time with family and friends, cooking great meals, running long distance, biking, golf and skiing.