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Shelly Smith

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Although this is my first season with Athena, I have coached in the CEVA region for over 20 years, most recently at Live Aloha Volleyball Academy (LAVA).  I was introduced to volleyball in the 7th grade and continued playing through high school, college, and at the professional level.  I now play masters level volleyball (yes, “old people” still play volleyball 😊).     


My philosophy can be summed up in one phrase: it’s a competition in learning.  My experience as a teacher, coach, and player has shaped my vision of creating a “volleyball classroom” where players are encouraged to problem solve, take risks, make mistakes, and ultimately, LEARN.  I also work hard to create a positive, inclusive team culture where players experience more than just volleyball.  I prioritize the skills of being a good teammate and being the best version of yourself that you can be.


I am a USAV CAP II certified coach. 

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