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Tom McKeen

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Coaching has been a big part of my life for many years. I spent about 7 years coaching youth football for Clackamas, 1 year coaching high school CYO basketball for La Salle and 6 years coaching CYO volleyball for Valley Catholic and St Pius. I have been coaching for Athena/Ajax coming up on my 4 year.

I played football and volleyball when I was at Clackamas high school. This is where I fell in love with volleyball.

I am a firm believer that players only get better by practicing. This is where champions are made. My coaching style is more of developing skills by repetition. I also believe that teaching the love of the sport is just as important as winning. Coaching the athletes to be humble and good sports is very important to me.

My wife and kids are apart of Athena/Ajax. My oldest daughter Ashley is a coach. My son Brodey will be playing in the 18’s Ajax team. My youngest Delanie will be playing for her 4 season here at Athena. My wife Tia has been a team mom for both Athena and Ajax.

I am looking forward to the season getting started!

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