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Athena manages club fees and travel very differently than other clubs.  Here is a quick comparison so you can make an informed decision:

Whats Included.png


  • Athena arranges for all player travel and gets the best group rates available.

  • Travel costs are included in the total fees which are spread-out evenly over the season.

  • Players get to stay with each other at travel tournaments making for a more memorable experience.

  • Chaperones are provides to assist coaches with team management during travel tournaments.

  • Parents are welcome but not required to attend travel tournaments or make other arrangements for their player.


  • Parents are responsible for arranging and paying for their players travel on their own.

  • Travel expenses are typically higher and are not spread out through the season.

  • Players do not stay with each other at travel tournaments.

  • Parents must make other arrangements for their player if they are not attending a travel tournament.

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