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Kaleb Douglass

Ajax 16 Gold


In all my years of coaching, I have never been in a position where every player could and should be recognized for an award of greatness. This is truly a thing for 16-Gold so, when the team met and talked about warrior and what it meant we came up with some adjectives or descriptors.


We said a warrior is: helpful, hard-working, inclusive, a listener, focused, goal oriented, intentional, calm under pressure, patient, coachable, and strives for more for self and team.


This player is all that and more. He was described by his teammates as someone who puts in effort at every practice. Always does the mental homework that Coach assigns. Puts in effort and intention into building skills and his relationships with teammates, always strives for positive takeaways and looks for ways to grow. He is described as someone who loves a challenge and someone who always keeps a positive attitude on the court. This player is thrilled by competition.... when our team plays up into the 18s, as a young team, many players on this team are playing guys who are 2 to 3 years older. For this player however it means he’s playing against guys who are 4, 5 and even six years older than he is and... he does it fearlessly. Add to that this weekend he was a serving machine and got to play front row and even got a few kills...our first warrior award for 16 gold goes to Kaleb Dougless.


Haley Walsh

Athena 17 Silver


Haley brings energy, effort, and passion to every play every day.  She is the first and the last player shagging balls and is always ready to lend a hand where needed.  She goes all out and isn't afraid to throw her body on the ground in pursuit of a dig.  She loves to be challenged and is always seeking feedback to make herself a better player.  Great work Haley!!


Cheye Taylor

Athena 15 White


From the start of the season Cheye has been a consistent leader on and off the court. She initiated warmups without being asked, makes efforts to include everyone at all times, picks up her teammates when needed, and helps everyone come out of their shells to further bond as a community.


Eloise McClaughry

Athena 12 Silver


Elle is a ball of sunshine on and off the court! She is just as excited doing cheers on the bench as she is when she scores a point! We have seen so much improvement in all of her skills but especially setting, hitting and serving. Katiya and I always know that Elle will always show up to practice with a smile on her face :)


Ellie Drake

Athena 12 Black


Honoring Ellie with the Goddess award was a long awaited moment. Because of scheduling conflicts, we had to wait almost a month after choosing Ellie as Goddess. Of course she had no idea of the behind the scenes logistics, and so she just kept on doing all the Goddess things without knowing she was receiving this award. By the time we were able to present Ellie with the Goddess award, the coaches were even more excited because the list just kept compiling of all the ways she had earned it!


One of my favorite moments of this season was during a 3rd set of a match when we were down 10-13 and had just gotten the ball back. Our team was having a bit of a serving struggle and we just needed someone to go in and confidently serve at our opponent. Ellie had not played yet during that third set, but was fully participating with her whole heart from the bench. I looked at her and asked if she wanted to go serve her team back into the game. She did not even hesitate for split second before she said “YES” with the biggest smile on her face. She went out there in what appeared to be fearless posture. If there were any nerves, she was not showing it. Instead it was the posture of someone who was so excited at the opportunity in front of her. Ellie indeed served us back into that game and yes we won! Even if the story had gone differently and Ellie had gone in and missed that serve, I would like to think I would still have been just as proud because of her genuine desire and positive attitude.


This is the type of player Ellie consistently was the entire season. Always ready to jump into the need. She played her role as a supportive and invested teammate with full heart whether her feet were on the court or the sideline. Her position didn’t matter. Her role never affected her attitude. She had the attitude that treated every practice and match as an opportunity to say “YES” with a big smile on her face. This young lady does not waiver in championing her team. She is an absolute delight to coach! 12 Black coaches are thrilled to name Ellie Drake our 12 Black Goddess.


Jada Johnson

Athena 14 Gold


I'm beyond proud of the player and person Jada is on and off the court. She works hard every day in practice and there's never a doubt about her readiness to bring it in matches. She inspires her teammates through her never-ending energy and "all-in" dedication. She's quick to support our other teams and has been known to lead a "Go Athena" cheer to rally the sideline. I'm blessed to be her coach and look forward to seeing all she accomplishes along her journey.


Lilly Heydet

Athena 13 Onyx


When she makes mistakes in practice or in a game it is a quick that was me and then as I call it, "she just Dory's it" She then adjusts to what we have taught, and it doesn't happen again. She is great at asking for directions or help when she needs too. She gives 100% all the time and she also has a lot of it. She earns everything we give her. This person always is the biggest cheerleader on the sideline. She is always the on on the court that communicates the loudest. There is never a time that Coach Emilie and I don't recognize her give it all attitude. Lilly Heydet you are a rock on our court sideline, and practice. We also have a lot of trust in you. We, as coaches, are so proud of you!


Delaney Averill

Athena 13 Gold


We have 12 athletes who work super hard, and when you play a team sport like volleyball, where you must rely on a teammate or opponent to touch a ball before you can touch it again, it is difficult to single out one person that stands out more than the others. Therefore, we have waited until now to select our goddess for 13 Gold. This athlete exudes everything I love to see in a person. She is always at practice early, always working on her craft, and always with a huge smile! I see her constantly lifting her teammates up, and when she makes a mistake, she Lets it Go and Moves On (Usually with a grin and a nod to fix it next time). She is super coachable, and always thirsty for more knowledge of the game and how she can help her team be better. She is always willing to share court time with teammates, play all around when needed and gives the same amount of energy from the bench as she does on the court. She works hard off the court as well, always turning in her assignments on time and with lots of thought behind them. It is for these reasons, and many more that we select Delaney Averill as our Goddess for 13 Gold! Thank you for setting a high standard for all of us!


Emerson Strecher

Ajax 14 Gold


Emerson is new to volleyball but brings a competitive and team oriented mindset. As one of our starting setters, Emerson leads by example and looks beyond his own game in assisting the team as an extension of a coach on the court. In our second tournament, the team improved for an undefeated record, and Emerson helped key some close games with tough serves and great offensive decision making. He brings an important calm presence and is key for bettering the ball and improving our ball control.


Reese O'Neill

Athena 14 White


Reese was solid for us all weekend in Seattle. She was a clutch server for us, and had the drive and determination we needed to compete with some tough teams. She is a consistent and smart player, along with being a great teammate on and off the court. Great job, Reese!!


Erin Chow

Athena 15 Silver