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Teresa Hammond

Teresa Hammond is an accomplished and dedicated volleyball coach with a deep love for the game and a passion for developing young athletes both on and off the court. Not only does Teresa focus on the physical aspects of the game, but she also emphasizes the mental aspects, helping athletes build confidence, resilience and a winning mindset.  Her coaching style is known for being both motivating and supportive, pushing players to reach their full potential.  


Teresa's coaching philosophy is built on the principles of teamwork, discipline, continuous improvement, and fun.  She believes that volleyball is not just a sport, but a vehicle for personal growth and character development.  She instills in her athletes the importance of tenacity, cohesion and being committed to something greater than yourself.


Outside of coaching, Teresa loves spending time with her husband and 15 year old daughter, as well as their two cats. She is also a certified personal trainer who takes pride in helping her clients establish and maintain a healthier lifestyle.

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