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Luke Fazio

Ajax 16 Black


As all of the Ajax coaches will agree, we could easily find many warrior qualities in each one of the players on our teams. So it is not easy to pick one from many deserving young men on Ajax16 Black.


Coach Brian and I decided to pick this person as he has become an athlete who is very consistent in playing during practices and in matches. He works hard to learn from all the Ajax coaches and absorbs what he learns on a daily basis. He is very supportive of his teammates on and off the court. He looks to uplift the others around him if they might be having a tough day. As a coach, I know I can I ask this player to step in when needed, and he will rise to the occasion.


Congratulations to Ajax 16 Black Warrior award winner Luke Fazio.


Oliver Bohls

Ajax 16 Gold


One of the best parts of working with Ajax is knowing that the culture of respect for team and self is something that grows from within our players and it perpetuates because they hold each other to that expectation. I could easily find many warrior qualities in each one of these 16 Gold young men so picking a warrior from a team of warriors is not an easy task. This young man is a player who I will say embodies the spirit of Parakaleo and Koinonia. Coming into this year, he had a spot on the team, but not a known position having been a setter previously, and for some that may have been an obstacle that prevented his true colors to shine. Instead – this player works hard at any position, listened with intention to instruction surrounding skills that would impact his game no matter where he was placed on the court and did so with excitement that lit a fire on our team. This player is supremely supportive of his teammates and rallies their success right alongside his own. He has challenged teammates when they engage in negative self-talk, always quick to offer a positive comment of support. He has helped our team develop our potential from every position on the court defensively, often times getting thrown into a match in a new DS spot on the fly and coming up huge. Oliver Bhols – 16 Gold 2023 Warrior.

Linnea Vargason.png

Linnea Vargason

Athena 15 Onyx


Linnea is an extremely special player. It is so common that a player encompasses 1 or maybe even 2 of our pillars, which is amazing. But Linnea truly encompasses all of our pillars. She brings her team together and is willing to do anything for the betterment of her team. She continually asks questions and pursues the "fail forward" mentality and always is ready for extra reps. She has become a solid backbone and person of strength for this team and is always pushing for betterment and growth for herself and others. She brings a consistent level of energy and dedication to every practice and is always uplifting those around her.

Amanda Cox.png

Amanda shows up to every practice with positive energy. A big smile. And gives 100% from the first second of practice till the last. She is always ready to be anyones warmup partner. And she constantly is cheering on her team mates.

Amanda Cox

Athena 14 White



Our Warrior is our Libero, Sean Lee. Sean is the definition of a kid who works hard and has those efforts put off. You can give him a correction, or something new to try and he will apply it the very next play. Sean has taken on the defensive leadership role, and his teammates trust him implicitly. It’s been very fun to watch him take on this new role and make it his own, while still being extremely team oriented. Sean is a joy to watch play and a great person to work with. We are so excited to see where his volleyball journey will take him!

Sean Lee

Ajax 14 Gold



Chess Meacham-Spens

Ajax 14 Black


The warrior for 14 Black has been a consistent player all year. His energy is ever present, and is a supportive and considerate teammate. During practices and tournaments, he's asking questions to deepen his volleyball knowledge, is always open to feedback, and is willing to do and play whatever position is needed for the team. He comes to practice ready to work! He comes to games focused, and ready to hit the court. He's been a consistent presence at the service line, defense, and in the front row. He's become a leader as the year has progressed. Please join us in congratulating Chess as the Warrior for 14 Black.

Stella Achhammer.PNG

Stella Achhammer

Athena 12 Black


This player is just an all-around great athlete on and off the court. She is an awesome teammate, always encouraging those around her with positive words and loud cheers. She has a great work ethic and gives 110% whether in practice or a game. She was a pillar for our team in Spokane where she got her first block ever, followed by 5 more throughout the weekend. She was also given the opportunity to serve which doesn’t always happen, and she got several aces and came through in clutch moments. She’s a coach’s dream player with how coachable and positive she is


Faith is the heart of the 13 Gold team. She leads by example through hard work in practice and at tournaments, and she is not afraid to hold herself and her teammates accountable for hustle and focus. Faith has done everything asked of her this season, including playing front row in multiple tournaments. I love watching her tackle challenges and face new things with bravery and excitement. Faith is the epitome of the type of athlete Athena strives to have as part of the club, and who other athletes should try to emulate.

Faith Cadonau

Athena 13 Gold



Peyton Bechtold

Athena 14 Black


So often our greatest strengths have a pendulum swing to become our greatest weaknesses. Someone who is really funny might use humor in the wrong moments. Someone who is super compassionate and kind might struggle to set boundaries. Someone who is verbally intelligent might use too many fancy words, etc. As I was thinking about the Goddess for 14 Black, it struck me how this particular Goddess has done such a great job in the balance of her strengths. She is an example of meekness. That doesn’t mean she is a timid little mouse in the corner. She is far from that. The meekness that I am speaking of is STRENGTH UNDER CONTROL. This Goddess uses her strengths to uplift, contribute toward, and grow the whole. Her encouragement is huge, but it is FOR the other to be seen & not for her. Her effort is huge, but it is FOR the teams’ success spotlight and not for hers. Her sacrifice is huge, but it is FOR the benefit of her teammates and not for her. She has individual Goddess strength but she does not wield it to be used for her gain, but instead for the gain of others. She is a young woman that adds value to people’s lives and thus while she has been out with a concussion it has been so noticeable that a piece of 14 Blacks' heart has been missing. She certainly adds tremendous skill to 14 Blacks game play, but I think I can speak for the team and coaches that when we say she has been missed, it’s because we just simply miss HER. She is a gift to us all and we celebrate Peyton Bechtold as 14 Blacks' 2023 Goddess.


Sara has been the pillar of the team since the beginning of the season to exemplify the Arete, Koinonia and Parakaleo. Sara may not be the loudest on the court but she always have smiles on her face. Sara is one of the players on the team that can break the cliques and get along with anyone on the team and sets great examples for her teammates on and off the court with efforts, energy and kindness and is trusted by her teammates and coaches.

Sara Tinker

Athena 14 Onyx



Sam is not just a good player, she is a good person and great teammate. Sam has demonstrated that she is a leader on and off the court. She truly cares about her teammates and is alway striving to improve. She is one of the captains and she leads by example. As a coach this is the player that I have enjoyed coaching because it makes my job easier.

Sam Blume

Athena 16 Onyx


Mary Mathews.PNG

Mary Mathews is a great representative of Arete (striving for excellence in everything we do). She is always working on her craft and taking improving seriously. She always gives a great effort and pushes others around her to raise their level. It's an honor to coach someone like Mary!

Mary Mathews

Athena 17 Black


Ayla McCauley.WEBP

The 15 white team is FULL of goddesses!!! Each and EVERY athlete on our team works hard EVERYDAY, encourages one another EVERYDAY, and is a GREAT example of an athena athlete is ALL That they do! We are SO PROUD of each and everyone of our kids! With that, we have one athlete who leads the pack and gives 110% in EVERY SINGLE drill, match and team event! We are SO GRATEFUL and PROUD of Ayla for her leadership, her efforts and her AMAZING coachability! Congratulations Ayla on simply being AMAZING!!

Ayla McCauley

Athena 15 White


Claire Olson.WEBP

16 Pink’s goddess, Claire, is someone who stands above the rest in her hard work, positivity, and support of her teammates. On the court she is willing to do whatever is asked of her, even if it’s a sacrifice, and is always seeking out the next improvement she can make. She not only supports her teammates on the court, but spends her free time supporting others in their passions outside of volleyball. She strives for excellence, and helps build our teams community! Great job being a GODDESS Claire!!

Claire Olson

Athena 16 Pink


Stephanie Canoy.WEBP

Stephanie Canoy

Athena 16 White


Grit is a personality trait possessed by individuals who demonstrate passion and perseverance toward a goal despite being confronted by significant obstacles and distractions. Those who possess grit are able to self-regulate and postpone their need for positive reinforcement while working diligently on a task. Our goddess show more grit and determination than most. Her loud voice on the court. Her drive to at least get her hands to the volleyball. She has been a role model of what it takes to be a great teammate. She doesn’t let failure bring her down, she only lets the fire inspire her to play better. I know both Coach Ashley and I have been so proud of her. She is new to club and is really been an asset to the Athena Family., Our 3 pillars of Be a good teammate, Take responsibility for your role and full effort, full energy describes her the best. We gave our team the Bryant rules at the beginning of the season and I feel She has followed it to a T. Kobe said this “Its the magic within each of that gives us the potential to inspire the world!” 16 White goddess is Stephanie!!!

Billie Ross.PNG

Billie Ross has been a class act since day 1. Billie supports her teammates on and off the court, strives for excellence with every touch she gets at both practice and matches, and puts her teammates before herself. Billie said this is the “Best opportunity of her (volleyball) life” and she plays like it!

Billie Ross

Athena 16 Gold


Emma Williams.PNG

Emma Williams

Athena 17 Gold


Emma has embodied every pillar of Athena over the past few months. It's been a difficult season for 17 Gold with a lot of change and plenty of ups and downs. Our team is very talented, and every player has made tangible improvements already. This means that there are times where some players don't get as much playing time as they want or deserve.


This past weekend was a great example of that for Emma Williams. She started off the weekend not playing much. Many people would show their frustration and be visibly upset with this, but Emma kept her head up and continued to support her teammates. Then, when her number was called, she rose to the occasion and played her best volleyball so far this season. Her ability to put the team first and maintain perspective that the collective goal is bigger than her personal ambitions put her in the perfect position to capitalize on the opportunity in front of her. She kept a good attitude, was a great teammate, and rose to the occasion when presented the chance. A perfect example of Parakaleo, Koinonia, and Arete working in unison.

Addy Witt.PNG

One of our club's core values is Parakaleo. When we say the word Parakaleo we want everyone to think "up lift one another." No one in our entire club does this better than Addy Witt and her BOOMING voice! We have never coached a player so insistent on uplifting her teammates whether it be on the sideline or while she is in the game. Her constant communication, consistent encouragement and love for the game, is the reason Addy Witt is our 15 Gold Goddess!

Addy Witt

Athena 15 Gold


Cecily OSullivan.PNG

Cecily O'Sullivan

Athena 14 Gold


Cecily exhibits all the core values we wish for in our athletes. She leads by example and always works hard in the pursuit of Arete. She has a high level of dicipline and integrity and is often the first to hold herself and the team accountable when we fail to go for a ball by diving to the floor. She is quick to intercept a ball rolling onto court and she is always ready to uplift and encourage her teammates (Parakaleo). On top of all that, she has stepped into a new role and has quickly grown into a capable setter. We are certainly blessed to have Cecily as a part of our Athena/Ajax Koinonia.


Madeline is a great teammate on 13 Black. She is always uplifting others on the court, but she also demonstrated mental toughness this weekend. Even in our teams toughest moments, she pushed through and those were some of her best hits this weekend! Our team counts on madeline’s consistency- not just in her skills but her presence on and off the court. She is always willing to do what’s best for her team! Proud of your perseverance! -Coach Madisen

Madeline McCullagh

Athena 13 Black


Faith Tubiera.PNG

Faith is 14 Pink's team leader who shows up to every practice with her positive attitude and uplifting smile. She is always positive and supportive of her teammates and is encouraging even in games that aren't going our way. The entire team looks up to and respects Faith's attitude on & off the court. Congratulations to Faith for her well earned Goddess award!!

Faith Tubiera

Athena 14 Pink


Georgia Biedritzky.PNG

Georgia Biedritzky

Athena 14 Silver


14 Silver’s nomination for goddess goes to a player who is versatile, hard working and respectful. She shows natural leadership in the most simple, effortless ways. She constantly gives her all with full effort and full energy. Since day one, I have never seen someone with as much hustle or kindness. She positively encourages her teammates to improve during practice and tournaments. Her focus and supportiveness on both her and her teammate’s mental game has been the most inspiring lately. Her willingness to learn and get better doesn’t go unnoticed. Her ability to make fast, strategic, game-changing plays is amazing. Her drive and full effort to keep the ball alive are truly impeccable and ultimately inspire her teammates to be better. She naturally makes smart, strategic choices on the court and betters the ball. 

14 Silver’s goddess award goes to Georgia Biedritzky!! 🖤💛🤍

Zoe Sanchez.PNG

It was a matter of time before I chose to nominate Zoe. Zoe comes in ready to work everyday, never gives up, always supports her teammates, and loves the game and just wants to get better. We do our own team goddess weekly and this week I had the girls send me who they thought deserved it…. Unanimously everyone chose Zoe. They all recognized the same aspects and attributes that I have already listed; “she never gives up, she is super supportive, she is so nice when we make mistakes, etc…”

Zoe Sanchez

Athena 12 Onyx


Georgia Yonker.PNG

Georgia Yonker

Athena 12 Silver


Georgie has such a kind heart. She is always willing to jump in and try something new, even if she knows it will be hard. She will chase down any ball (during play or even just shagging) with max effort and is encouraging of all of her teammates. Her attitude is uplifting of everyone whether she is playing in the match or encouraging from the side lines. She never shows up without a smile and is always participating in our "focus, effort and encouragement" discussions after practice. Also... she has been nominated as "best teammate" by some of our girls which I really think says it all :)

Annie Watts.PNG

Annie is an amazing team player. When she’s being subbed out she always gives her teammate words of encouragement. She is fearless. She is a hard worker. And the type of player any coach would be lucky to have on their team. And any teammate would be lucky to have as a teammate.

Annie Watts

Athena 12 Gold



Arete. There has yet to be a single practice or match that Tommy has not been intentional with asking at least two or three constructive, precise questions and applying them immediately. This goes for both physical skill and mental focus. With a deep desire to learn and get better, he has been an exemplary player and teammate.

Tommy Saunders

Ajax 18 Black



Romel McCloud

Ajax 18 Gold


Romel was on-fire at our latest tournament with his offense, but his contributions to "attitude and energy" were most important. The team energy was low throughout the weekend, but Romel was constantly working to get the team pumped up, and he would celebrate with big energy for all of his teammates. When on the bench, you could hear him cheering loud for his teammates. Off the court, Romel was friendly with members from other clubs, which helps to spread the love and comradery that we need in Boys Volleyball. We are proud of the way he is representing AJAX.


Even as a new member to this club and team, Zoe is in every way committed to bettering herself as a player and making those around her better.  She always brings passion and energy to the team.

Zoe Szczesniak

Athena 18 Gold



Siena's hard work over the last year has paid off and she has been a consistent offense threat for our team. Her coachability has added to her success. Sienas a great teammate as well and always cheering and encouraging. She always takes feedback to heart and puts it to use right away.

Siena Barsuglia

Athena 16 Black


Reese Thomas.PNG

Reese is always at practice, was nominated by her teammates for captain, she really cares about the game and her teammates, she is always giving 100% and she is a good person all the way around.

Reese Thomas

Athena 18 Onyx


Kendra McPherson.PNG

Kendra is the embodiment of what it means to be a good teammate. She has been battling an injury, but has continued to show up to practice day in and day out, supporting her teammates, helping her coaches, and soaking up team instruction. At tournaments, she is the loudest one on the sideline cheering on her teammates and exhibiting excitement and positivity. Kendra leads by example and proves that you do not need to be on the court to have an impactful role on a team.

Kendra McPherson

Athena 15 Black


Hadley Haynes.PNG

Hadley modeled every pillar this past weekend and we couldn't be more proud! She demonstrated both intensity & determination, along with positivity and joy! She was a leader on and off the court by being loud and supportive, of every teammate. She was ready to jump on the court where and whenever she was needed. Lastly, she showed resilience if she had an off pass, she'd instantly shake it off and put her teammates at ease by saying, "I got the next one."

Hadley Haynes

Athena 15 Silver


Emma Frye.PNG

Koinonia (Community) - Emma embraced additional responsibilities throughout the tournament to help her teammates, and did so with a full focus and positive attitude.

Emma Frye

Athena 18 Black


Emerson Stecher.jpeg

Emerson has stepped into the role as team captain for Ajax 16 Black. Emerson comes to practices and tournaments ready to help the team in anyway he can. He is working on becoming a more vocal leader as a setter, but Emerson does lead by his work ethic and motivates his teammates daily to become better players. Emerson is a high energy person and other teammates feed off of this energy during practice and matches.

Emerson Stecher

Ajax 16 Black


Bella Thornhill.jpeg

Bella Thornhill

Athena 13 Onyx


"The longer I live the more I realize the impact of attitude and effort in life.  Attitude, to me, is more important than facts.  It is more important than the past, than education, than money, than circumstances, than failures, than successes, than what others think or say or do.  It is more important than appearance, giftedness, or skill.  It will make or break a player...a team.  The remarkable thing is we have a choice every day regarding the attitude we will embrace for that day.  We cannot change our past...we cannot change the fact that people will act in a certain way.  The only thing we can do is play on the two strings we have , and that is our attitude and our effort.  I am convinced that life is 10% what happens to me and 90% how I react to it.  And so it is with you...we are in charge of our attitude and our effort."

- Pastor Charles Swindoll

My athlete that I have chosen is a perfect example of Attitude and Effort.  She show great teamwork!  Shis is always positive!  First one to be there to cheer up her team.  She has stepped into a roll this year she has never played and is doing great.  She has made it to all the clinics I have asked of her.  it is with great pleasure that my Goddess this year is Bella Thornhill.

- Coach Tom

Presley Getman.HEIC

Presley emulates the aspect of a goddess by always having a positive attitude and uplifting her teammates. She is respectful to all coaches and works hard to stay focused in practice. She is always full of energy and strives to improve herself as well as her peers.

Presley Getman

Athena 11 Gold


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